Now I'm a Daddy

Joshua Caden Gazard

Now I'm a Daddy!

It's a little surreal but I'm now a Dad. And yep, all that they say about becoming a parent for the first time seems true, specifically:

  • overwhelming sense of love
  • strange sense of being 'responsible'
  • exhilaration that makes tiredness seem worth it

And even now, while he's just 12 days old I'm thinking about what we'll do together and looked up on Amazon Fire Trucks and so on. Of course, this is nurture vs. nature but I'd love to play with the firetruck too - so he'll get a one (so long as he calls it a 'twuck').

It's a bit weird how everyone now also has a title, my parents are now Grandad and Grandma, my brothers now 'Uncle' and likewise for Xanthe's family. But in a way it feels just right even if a strange transition akin to getting married - it feels a bit 'too grownup'.

Of course most of it is just plain joy, having cuddles and even the challenge of changing the nappy before you get covered in pee - I don't care how clean and antiseptic it is, I want to win the pee game (stopping it, not peeing on him!).

Perhaps the most awesome thing of all is that if feels like a new chapter, we're not not just a couple but a 'family' and the direction of the future seems different. It isn't about where the company goes or where we live anymore, it's just about relationships :)

posted: May 11, 17:24