Yep, I too love biking as mentioned on our hobbies page.

Sadly I'm also seemingly not very good at holding onto them:

  • "Black Steed" with 8-speed hub just gave up (get a 7-speed!)
  • The disk-brake bike on the right was sadly stolen from outside our flat (locked) after it's wheel was nicked.
  • A bike lent from a friend was stolen while visiting friends, from within 3ft of me!

Anyway, I do love biking and swear by it for getting around London. It's just a great way to get some exercise, get to know the city and also get there faster than public transport and often by car too (without the expense). Of course, you need some hefty locks and even then there isn't a guarantee!

Of course, you do need to be full aware to bike in London but then it's pretty much the same if you drive a car - don't do it sleepy or after having had some alcohol. And if you want to stay healthy wear a helmet, a hi-vis jacket, lights and bike like you are a car.