Welcome to my section of our family web site! Here you can find out what I have been doing from September 2000 through end August 2001.

As you may be aware, I have worked for Africa Inland Mission, an inter-denominational Christian organization working with more than 800 missionaries to the peoples of Africa, both in Africa and the growing immigrant populations in cities here in the US. I have worked for the U.S. sending office in Pearl River, New York on the technical side of things.

So what does that mean? It means I was responsible for completely revamping the AIM web site, and potentially other web sites for the many other countries of AIM and more will use the structures I have built. These web sites and brochures are a vital link with supporters, people who are thinking of joining the mission field and more.

Africa Inland MissionAlso I have helped with the websites that potential missionaries can have when they send us their information so that their church congregation and others can look online for their latest missionary letters, photos of them (and their families where possible).  These mini-web sites for the missionaries will aid them in getting the word out about themselves to others who could potentially have no knowledge of their existence.  These sites will also help better illustrate the work that AIM does in the field.