MixingMum's Recipies

Of course we love our Mum's cooking, and thought we should put up some of our favourite recipies for you to enjoy too.

We'll try to get pictures as soon as we can, but that means thinking about things while we're eating them which isn't exactly the easiest thing to do.

Of course if you want, we can test any of the creations to see if they meet Mum's exacting standards!

Barbados Cream
Light & fluffy dessert (half healthy, half not)
Chocolate Coconut
Yummy chocolate snacks with raisins
Christmas Pudding
Very traditional and you either love or hate it
Fruit Cake
Simple, long-lasting and very tasty
Mince Pies
Traditional English Christmas snacks!
Prawn Curry (Dad's recipie!)
Flavourful yet with huge spicy potential
Sausage Rolls
Eat as many as you can!
Sweet 'n' Sour Soup
For those colder days