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Nick Gazard (that's me!)

Hello :) This is my area to indulge and say whatever I want. I doubt it'll be very interesting but if you have any ideas to improve it, let me know!

I guess I should tell you some key facts about me:

  • Married to the beautiful Xanthe
  • 30-something, living in London and like its cosmopolitan nature
  • Work/run/drink coffee at the company we started as brothers called freshSPRING (making websites, graphics and hosting for charities, churches, businesses and passionate people)
  • I'm a little bit gadget-crazy, which isn't surprising, but now includes flying helicopters.


I tend to upload my photos to facebook now because it's so easy to share with friends. Find me and say hi.

I should warn you that I can get a bit 'arty' sometimes in my own mind. I just love taking photos of nature, funny-shapes, walls with pictures on them :)