Trevor (Dad) - How does a Cambridge Mathematician like Trevor get such good-looking sons, in spite of his large ears and unusual feet being inherited by all three?  But apart from that clear contribution to the human gene pool, Trevor is also known for enjoying traveling both on business (at one time, "Concorde Gazard" was the nickname) and with the family to exotic places on the frequent flyer miles accrued. Coupled with a love of good food and very good Bordeaux wine, a taste acquired at Cambridge from an enlightened Mathematics tutor, you might think he was cut out for the glittering prizes of the high life… but no such luck.

Reality is different and much more satisfying! In a career with ICI and DuPont that has (so far) required moves around England and then to the USA, Belgium, back again to the USA, and finally (?) to Geneva, the two solid foundations are being married for well over 30 years to Pauline, and as a Christian in strong local fellowships in each place.  Now Lord has placed them in a French speaking church where Trevor is "responsable" for the Alpha course and they take groups to China regularly, as well as actively picking back up the Gideons ministry, even as President for a time.

So… as retirement looms closer each year… Well, he can still beat the lads at table tennis (by cunning, not athleticism) and it was good this year to discover he could still hike to the top of the Jura mountains without using the cable car. More sedentary hobbies include a stamp collection and origami, plus now Sudoku which one day could result in a massive Excel program being posted here.

What next? Well, he has just been inveigled onto Facebook so the latest news will be there if you want to join his "friends". Apart from that only the Lord knows what's in store. Meanwhile, carpe diem… there is so much to do for Him and maybe very little time.

Mum & Dad

Pauline (Mum) - Having started life in the workhouse (the same building as the maternity ward) together with an Italian grandfather (hence the surname Vergnano) I progressed from an acquired country Dorset accent through school in London, then Wye in Kent, and to the wilds of rural Hertfordshire.  My London University college was the sister building to the sanatorium down the road, but I did get my chemistry degree.

Then I went to Kings College Cambridge, collecting both a PhD and Trevor, my husband. For the latter I needed a special licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury to use the college chapel. Since then we have lived in the Peak District; Cleveland; and Hertfordshire; then in 1990 we left for the USA (Pennsylvania), Belgium, back to Pennsylvania, and now in Geneva (one of those contracts where they promise you will be "home" in three years...)

I enjoy meeting people from an international background, and have helped several families move into and out of this area. I am running the (very important) food side of the Alpha Course, am President of the Gideons Auxiliary, and active in the local church. In between I enjoy good meals, and the one time French Desserts Champion is right at the end of our road. We have bought a house in Saint Genis Pouilly, and we have been able to offer hospitality to several people already. Come and see us!