Everyone asks us where we've lived, and always the question 'which country did you prefer'? Comparing is like apples and pears but here's the list of 'our countries':

Belgian FlagBelgium
Actually quite a pretty little country with a fun mix of people, languages and good food - even the home of Frites. We all lived here 1990-1995 and Nick spent another year finishing his GCSEs before joining us in the USA.
French FlagFrance
We've never actually lived here as a family, though our current family home is in France - just! Stephen lived in Paris for a 7 month stint too doing 4th year Chemistry Masters research in French!
Swiss FlagSwitzerland
Trevor and Pauline spent only a year of actual living in Switzerland.  They've spent a lot of time here due to our French home being in a zone called the 'Zone Frontalier' which basically means living in France, working in Switzerland.
Ugandan FlagUganda
Trevor spent a year here in the 1970s working for the government as an English teacher. Nick then spent a gap year in 1999 working for Africa Inland Mission a literal stone's throw from where Dad worked despite not wanting to be anywhere close. God can be funny sometime!
Is this home or not? We'll have to see, but with London as the base of Nick (8 years) and Stephen (6 years), with a year for Chris before he went to Manchester and shortly Bristol.

Two stints here in 1988-1990 and another after Belgium 1995-2002. It was certainly an enjoyable location and interesting attempt at the American Dream.